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Alaska Vacation Rental Guests

Gail and Willie"We had a wonderful time with you this week. The fishing was great and I took alot more pictures than last year. I am looking forward to next year. You're like family to us. Thank you so much. See you next year."

Gail and Willie
Denver, Colorado

Paul and Ryan "Thank you so much for having us at the Jammin Salmon. The fishing experience was awesome and your cabin was outstanding. The best part of it was you guys! You guys are great people and I can't wait to come back again and see you again. I'm definitely going t spread the word to everyone wants to fish or just experience the outdoors. Awesome Time! THANK YOU!"

Paul and Ryan
Anchorage, Alaska

Ryan, Zack, Ralph, Paul - Blue Angels Ryan, Zack, Ralph, Paul - Blue Angels

Zack, Blue Angels "Thank you so much for having us at the Jammin Salmon. The fishing experience was awesome and your cabin was outstanding. The best part of it was you guys! I can't wait to come back again and see you. I'm definitely going to spread the work to everyone wo wants to fish or just experience the outdoors. Awesome Time! Thank you!"

Zack, Blue Angels

Chris and Lori Millazo "Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy Jammin Salmon with you! Every time we come back here it is so much fun! You both always welcome us with open arms, smiles and an open kitchen. Thank you again for all that you have given us! P.S. Hobo Jim was the best - let's do it again next year!"

Chris and Lori Millazo
Palmer, AK

Lori Millazo Lori Millazo
Palmer, AK

Dot and Al "Tomorrow night we must sadly say "adieu" after our 4th visit to this haven. Each time is "the same", but different because of your dedicated desire to make sure everything is "in order." These visits have created a bond of friendship that will endure for years to come. Thank you for making more memories for us and yourselves. Every day have been wonderful!"

Dot and Al
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Laurel and Bob Gilge Laurel and Bob Gilge
Scottsdale, AZ

Devin and Jeff Coppess "There is absolutely no way to capture or sum up our experiences here with you these five days."

Devin and Jeff Coppess
Phoenix, AZ

Dale Clayton "Thanks for making this a great experience for my son and I. We got to explore the Kenai, caught lots of fish, and made some new friends."

Dale Clayton
Scottsdale, AZ

Dale Clayton and son Scot Dale Clayton and son Scot
Scottsdale, AZ

Nick and Lexin "It went by so fast. When You're having fun, time flies. We caught some big ones. Just have to put some time in. Of course, we want to come back. Thank you Kris and Ted. Jammin Salmon is our favorite place to get away!"

Nick and Lexin
Wimberly, Texas

Eric Fisher "The amenities and hospitality was outstanding. We can't wait to get back up here."

Eric Fisher
Phoenix, AZ

Kristin Fisher "We had such an amazing trip! Our expectations were far exceeded."

Kristin Fisher
Phoenix, AZ

Holly, Scout Warners, Sam Piclkle, Jr 2013   Charlie 2013
Holly and Scout Warner, Eagle River, AK and Sam Pickle, Jr., Oklahoma   Charlie, Baton Rouge, LA
Holly, Scout Warners, Sam Piclkle, Jr 2013   Charlie 2013
Leo and Anne, Baton Rouge, LA   Al Lys, Rhinelander, WI

Tony and Lynn Granucci"We stayed with Ted and Kris during the summer of 2011. Their accommodations were fantastic, not a single amenity was missing! We enjoy cooking and found everything we could possibly need to prepare our meals. The view from our cabin was both scenic and therapeutic. Just a few steps from our cabin door was the river and a fantastic fishing dock for our private use! If we weren't reeling in beautiful fish, we were just kicking back and enjoying a cold one and watching the river flow by. We could not have selected a better location hosted by nicer people! We hope to visit Jammin' Salmon again soon!"

Tony and Lynn Granucci
Avondale, AZ

John and Linda Mongioi"The accommodations at the Jammin Salmon are perfect to provide the most thrilling and fun-filled fishing experience you will ever have.  My wife and I have been fishing together in Florida since before we were married over 29 years ago. We do mostly saltwater fishing from the beach and offshore in our 23-foot boat.  We are used to catching a lot of fish and some very big fish at that. The fishing experience we had at  Jammin Salmon has topped that and has been the best fishing experience of our lives. The fishing for red salmon (sockeye salmon) and the thrill and excitement of catching these fish is hard if not impossible to beat. Ted, Kris and Scott taught us the technique and provided us the proper fishing gear to enable us to have the times of our lives, fighting these large fish and trying to land them at the dock. They also provided us the most comfortable accommodations and best of all, a warm friendly, family like atmosphere to make you feel comfortable and relaxed when you were not out fighting a fish. We would like to return in the future and spend more time re-living this memorable experience."

John and Linda Mongioi
Palm Bay, Florida

Julie Cook - Jammin' Salmon Adventures pier on the Kenai River
"Well, here I am again fishing off the Jammin’ Salmon Adventures pier on the Kenai River, AK. Thanks to the help and encouragement of Ted, Kris & Scottie we had the most amazing fishing. In just 6 days of fishing we were able to ship 70 lbs of salmon home to Phoenix. Guess where we are going to be the summer of 2010?"

Julie Cook
Mesa, Arizona







Tony Fuentes visits the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska“Thanks for a fantastic adventure. I had the time of my life fishing for salmon and enjoying the awesome beauty of the Kenai. Kris and Ted are wonderful hosts and Ted is a gifted fishing guide. I'm looking forward to returning again to the magic of Alaska, the Kenai River, and Jammin' Salmon! Many thanks.”

Bobby Fern
Chandler, Arizona




Summer Trip to Alaska“Jammin' Salmon makes a wonderful fishing get away. I have lived in Alaska for 16 years and found it to be one of my favorite spots run out of town to. Fishing on the dock is always great, and Ted is always nearby to net the fish. Kris is an amazing host and I always look forward to making the trip to the cabin as often as possible! Can't wait for the fish to start running this year!”

Robyn Fuentes
Eagle River, Alaska






Summer Trip to Alaska“It’s no fish tale. I spent three summers up on the Kenai River at “Jammin’ Salmon. The experience was fabulous!  This location is so pristine! It sure beats the combat fishing of elbow to elbow tourist angling.  When you hit that legendary good “run”, there is no better fishing anywhere!  For an escape of a lifetime, book Jammin’ Salmon.  It is that personal touch that makes all the difference.  You can’t go wrong, if you are looking for that out of the way, “off the beaten path” location. The accommodations are great!"

Jay Collier
Prescott, Arizona




Fishing Vacation in Alaska“Thanks so much Kris & Ted for a most enjoyable and memorable trip to Alaska. I have and will continue to tell friends and relatives to experience the fun, adventure and most of all friendship that I enjoyed during my stay with you. I have fished many different spots along the Kenai and yours is first rate. I look forward to seeing you both again soon."

Lafayette, LA






Tony Fuentes visits the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska“I've known Ted and Kris for years and spent many wonderful hours in their company both fishing and at their cabin. They are gracious hosts and have a beautiful location right on one of the most spectacular rivers in the world. The location of Jammin Salmon is perfect! It is tucked away in a quiet spot at the end of the road. Once you arrive, you won't want to leave. The fishing at their place is fabulous. Prime time salmon fishing is fantastic and when the salmon run is a little slow, there is trophy class Rainbow and Dolly Varden available. If you spend a few days there you will be rewarded with a memory of a lifetime.”

Tony Fuentes
Anchorage, AK


“Your lodge and accommodations look spectacular! We are seriously looking to fish, sightsee and relax on the Kenai, while spending some time this summer with you both.”

Mark Vite
Scottsdale, AZ


Woman has a great Alaskan Fishing Experience“I loved it! Ted and Kris delivered the perfect Alaska fishing experience, with just the right blend of creature comforts and majestic natural surroundings. Though a novice (with helpful instruction of the pros) in no time I was reeling in one thrilling catch after another ~ GREAT FUN! As a bonus, they cleaned and froze the fish on site, making it easy for me to bring the “scrumptious treasures”…along with bragging rights…back to the big city life of Atlanta. Alaska is awesome, the scenery breathtaking, the tranquility rejuvenating and the fishing unparalleled. I’m ready to return right now for another first-class “Jammin’ Salmon” adventure!”

Terri Lonowski
Atlanta, GA






“I can hardly wait to get back and catch a big one. Thanks for the great time last year.”

Don Hardy
Scottsdale, AZ


Tony Fuentes visits the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska"Last summer I was lucky enough to be able to fish for salmon on the dock of Jammin' Salmon, a vacation rental property on the banks of the glorious Kenai River in Alaska.  I went there for the day, my first real salmon fishing day, to try my luck at fishing for the mighty salmon.  With the help of Kris, the owner, I was able to not only hook the fish but to bring it in.  Now I am hooked on fishing (no pun intended) and I will be returning to their place this summer."

Julie Cook
Mesa, Arizona


John Pugh goes fishing in Alaska



“Everything was great except the fish are too big!”

John Pugh





Summer Trip to Alaska“It's wonderful when expectations of a trip are not only met but exceeded and nowhere more so than during our stay with Kris and Ted at Jammin' Salmon. As first time visitors to Alaska in the summer of 2006, we had spent a “gobsmacking” (that's Brit-speak for wow, awesome, stunning, breathtaking, etc!) 2 weeks cramming in glaciers, wildlife, mountains, national parks, etc ., before driving down to the Kenai Peninsula only to be greeted by yet more “gobsmacking” sights. Jammin' Salmon is exactly as we imagined, straight out of National Geographic with log cabins, forest, silky green river sweeping past, distant snow capped mountains, and bald eagles perched an arm's length away. But let's not forget the salmon! Catching wild Alaskan salmon is something people usually watch in wildlife documentaries. Despite us being novices, we did exactly that and now have an unforgettable memory (and photos to prove it!) Some other great memories are the taste of wild trout for breakfast, fished straight from the river and a visit to the Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer followed by halibut fishing in view of a gently smoking volcano. And let’s not forget sitting round the camp fire at Jammin' Salmon laughing at scary tales of close encounters with bears (while watching out for sudden movements in the bushes!) Standing on the river dock at nearly midnight with the sky still light, watching countless numbers of fish gliding past, waiting for the thrill of the next bite!.. And, did I mention the mozzies ?(that's Brit speak for mosquitos)...well, they're part of the experience too! We enjoyed the best of Alaskan hospitality from Kris and Ted for whom nothing was too much trouble. Their vast local knowledge and expertise and the wealth of information they provided both before and during our visit was invaluable. They also introduced us to their friends and we must especially thank Clarissa and John for their warm hospitality and Captain Babb of Lucky Pierre Charters in Homer who made the halibut fishing so memorable. If you've ever watched the documentaries or wanted to be in those National Geographic photos, you should stand on Kris and Ted's dock at Jammin' Salmon in the late night sun and watch one of nature's great events. Even better, catch some fish ...but leave plenty for us because we're already planning our next visit.”

Linda and Paul
Cornwall, England

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